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Tips and Tricks for Advertising Your Rental Property in Lakewood, CO

Tips and Tricks for Advertising Your Rental Property in Lakewood, CO

Assured Management is an industry leader in property management serving the West side of Denver Metro Area.

Advertising and marketing your rental property is an important part of keeping vacancy rates low and attracting outstanding tenants who will pay rent on time, maintain your home, and follow the terms of your lease agreement.

You have to advertise aggressively so you can get the attention of a large pool of potential renters. These are some of the tips and tricks we use as professional Lakewood property managers.

Make Sure the Property is Rent-Ready

Before you can begin advertising your property, it has to be ready for the rental market. This doesn’t mean almost ready or good enough. We mean move-in ready. Why is this important? Because good tenants are looking for homes that are not going to need a lot of cleaning and work before they begin unpacking. They want to be able to imagine themselves living in your property. So, before you even think about advertising it, make sure the property is empty and clean.

Walk through the home with a critical eye to see if there’s anything that needs fixing or replacing. Look for light bulbs that are burnt out, outlets that don’t work, and sinks that are dripping. Mow the lawn and create some eye-catching curb appeal. Don’t post an ad until you’re positive your home is ready to show to tenants.

Take Excellent Property Photos

A major part of your rental property advertising strategy is photography. Take high quality, professional-type photos of your empty home. You don’t have to hire a professional photographer (although it might help). You can probably take good pictures with your phone as long as you pay attention to the lighting and the spacing. Take pictures from corners so you can maximize the amount of the room you’re showing. Include a photo of any yard space and special amenities such as garden tubs, walk-in closets, or updated kitchens. You want to include as many photos as possibly in your advertising.

Use Online Advertising Resources

The best place to advertise your rental property is online. No one is reading the classifieds in newspapers anymore. Those glossy real estate catalogues that you see in supermarkets are not where tenants are looking for homes. Create an online listing to go with your photographs and get it on as many sites as possible. You’ll attract a large pool of tenants who are actively looking for rental homes.

Social media can help as well. Post your ad on Facebook or Twitter or even Instagram. People know people who are looking for homes, so word can spread fast.

Post a Professional Sign

There’s still room in advertising for professional signage. Post a good-looking sign in front of the property that includes your contact information and pertinent information such as number of bedrooms and amount of rent. This will help you get the attention of people who happen to be walking or driving through the neighborhood.

We love working with owners to advertise their properties. If you’d like to access our tools and resources or you need help with property management in Lakewood, Colorado, please contact us at Assured Management.