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Benefits of Technology for Littleton Property Managers

Benefits of Technology for Littleton Property Managers

Property management technology has really shifted over the last decade, and our investment in platforms, portals, and automated systems has allowed us to deliver services more efficiently and keep our costs down.

Technology is important to the property owners and the tenants we work with, and we think it’s important you understand the way our use of technology benefits you, your property, and your bottom line. We haven’t lost our priority on personalized, relationship-based Littleton property management. Technology simply invites more transparency and accountability into what we do.

Technology Leases Homes Faster

Vacancy is expensive, and the longer your property is unoccupied, the more money you’re losing.

Thanks to technology, we’re able to lease homes a lot faster now. The result is fewer days on the market, and typically a better-qualified tenant. Here’s how we utilize technology when we are leasing your rental property:

  • Online advertising allows us to reach a larger pool of tenants. Listing your property on popular rental sites allows us to reach local tenants as well as out-of-state tenants who are relocating to the area. We use our property management software to syndicate your listing out across several platforms, expanding our reach and creating a larger pool of tenants for your home.
  • Showing technology allows us to be more responsive to prospective tenants who want to see your property.
  • The screening process is quick and thorough. With our online tools and resources, we’re able to approve or deny a tenant within a day or two while complying with all federal, state, and local fair housing laws.

Thanks to our online portals, we’re able to execute the lease agreement electronically as well. This saves tenants time and allows us to keep all the communication with your residents in writing and well-documented.

Technology and Rental Property Maintenance

To effectively maintain your rental property, we have to understand its condition. Our software provides for detailed and documented inspections. We can accurately conduct move-in, move-out, and mid-lease inspections while gathering photographs, videos, and notes. All the inspection reports are loaded into your owner portal, which gives you the ability to check on your property’s condition.

We also ask tenants to report routine maintenance issues online. This gives us a written record of when things were reported and how they were handled. It protects us against any complaints from residents that we aren’t responding to the maintenance that’s needed. It also allows us to coordinate quickly with our vendors to get the problem solved.

Our online maintenance reporting system is good for tenant retention and it also helps us work with you on planning for future repairs, updates, and renovations that may be needed. You’ll have a better idea of when your appliances need to be replaced, for example.

Improving Communication and Transparency

Perhaps the best benefit of property management technology is that it gives us several ways to communicate. You can always call us, but thanks to your online owner portal, you can also send a message or check on an accounting statement or rental payment. You’ll see all the income and expenses associated with your property and you can request more detailed financial reports when necessary.

With everything online, you can see exactly how we’re effectively managing your investments.

Property management technologyIf you’d like to hear more about the technology we use, we’d welcome that conversation. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Assured Management, Lakewood property management experts serving residential landlords in West Denver and the surrounding areas, including Littleton, Golden, Wheat Ridge, Arvada, and more.